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Coating and optics services

In addition to our reflectors, our range of products and services also includes the coating of customer-specific components and all associated process steps. Benefit from our pre-developed dielectric coatings and maximize the reflectivity of your components for the UV range!

Antireflection coatings, bandpass filters, beam splitters: Multilayer systems offer a wide range of filters that are used in industrial environments.
By vapor deposition of different dielectric materials, absorption-free coatings can be created which absorb or transmit different wavelengths in a broadband or narrow band. We can adapt coatings of this type to your specific requirements - challenge us!

Starting with technical consulting, we accompany you through the entire process: from procurement of the sub-start material to coating development and simulation to sample and series coating - with us, you get everything from a single source!
In addition, we offer you a wide range of downstream processes: Analysis of the coating to qualify the optical properties, climatic tests, mechanical post-processing and engraving.