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Reflectors for UV applications

Many of today's industrial processes use light as a tool to carry out production processes so effectively. For example, UV-curing printing inks are used in packaging printing, and UV-curing adhesives are used in the medical or automotive sectors. The radiation sources used there have in common that large-area reflectors must be used to effectively direct the UV light into the working plane. For this purpose, reflectors are used which, on the one hand, specifically reflect the desired UV light to a high degree and, on the other hand, permanently withstand the harsh industrial operating conditions. Optimized dielectric coatings fulfill both requirements and thus enable optimum process conditions.

Metallic and dielectric coatings can be applied to substrates made of metal, glass, plastic or ceramics to form highly efficient reflectors tailored to UV applications! We have been producing these and other optical components for 20 years for a wide range of different industries, from the industrial applications mentioned above to measurement technology, laser technology and medical.

In addition to our refelctors, we also offer contract coating of your individual components with URS, CMK, Aluminum or a custom coating.
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